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The festivities have begun as the citizens of Azeroth and Outland celebrate the hottest of seasons by playing with fire! Celebrate the holiday from June 21 through July 5. Brilliant bonfires have been lit to rekindle peoples’ spirits an...
Published Jun 24, 2016
This week we sat down with Senior Developer Paul Kubit to answer your questions on Legion Professions. If you missed the live Q&A, don’t worry. We have you covered. Watch the VoD below to catch up on what you missed. We’re really ...
Published Jun 24, 2016
New Warcraft Fan Art We have sixteen new pieces of fan artwork. Would you like to share your artistic talents with the community? Submit your fan art today! Elwynn Forrest by Konstantin Turovec Uther by GASONE...
Published Jun 24, 2016
Join us live Join us live at on Thursday, June 30, as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka for our next live developer Q&A. He’ll be answering many of your questions on the upcoming Legion PvP update...
Published Jun 24, 2016
Achievements in World of Warcraft are both a record of your accomplishments and a window into the memorable moments that await you. Every achievement tells a part of your story—but if memories aren’t tangible enough for you, a few come w...
Published Jun 24, 2016
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