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Beginning May 2 and running through May 9, this week-long celebration is a time to give back to the innocent children orphaned by war. Show an orphan what the hero’s life is like! Visit Orphan Matron Nightingale in Stormwind, Orphan Mat...
Published May 2, 2016
This week is Children’s Week! It’s a time for you to take an orphan of the war into your care and then try to go about your business as usual, or something like that. There’s nothing quite like looking at the conflict between the Allianc...
Published May 2, 2016
A new set of days means May is underway! There’s much to see and do, and we have our eye on what the community's up to, too. In this May edition of This Month in WoW, we look forward to some of the more remarkable things going on in the ...
Published May 2, 2016
World of Warcraft questlines serve to immerse players in the rich world of Azeroth by leading adventurers down paths where they can enjoy unique experiences and discover new stories. As each new tale is woven into the world’s tapestry, t...
Published Apr 30, 2016
Achievements in World of Warcraft are both a record of your accomplishments and a way to look forward to memorable moments that await you. Every Achievement tells a part of your story, and a few come with rewards such as pets, titles, an...
Published Apr 29, 2016
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